Tips For Women In Business From Annette Richardson, One Of Forbes Women’s 200 Most Powerful Minds

Friday 14th of June saw the launch of the ACN with guest speaker, Annette Richardson. To find out more about Annette read her exclusive interview here. Below are her top tips for business women that were raised at the inspiring conference at The Cadogan Hotel.

“Always include men in discussions in empowering women. Powerful men led the way and became mentors, ironically.”

Annette spoke about the men she worked for in the early part of her career, who empowered her to seek higher ground. They allowed her to move into their networks and move forward into her own. She says that if men embrace what you’re doing, more will happen.

“Sponsoring is another thing and we don’t do this enough.”

Annette said that as women we need to do more than just mentor other women and that we don’t do enough sponsoring. Boys’ ‘networks’ do it all the time so why don’t we? She urged everyone to pick up the phone and sponsor and at the same time not to be afraid of asking for sponsorship.

“Failure is also part of success.”

Annette said that if you understand that you can really move forward. If you fail, have a big smile on your face and then reinvent yourself – that is the American way.