At the Accelerating Change Network, (ACN) ‘We Aspire To Inspire’. We encourage women to excel in business and achieve their full potential. We believe that two heads are better than one, ten better than two and that a thousand heads working together can make the earth move.

There are the most incredible ideas and solutions that are really creating change for women’s careers. We want to co-ordinate and consolidate all those ideas, so employees and employers can come to this site to find the solution to any problem they may face. Together we can help macro concepts become defined changes – just by using practical implementation on a ground level.

Why? Because there are some inspirational endeavours going on all around the world that could help so many more if they could be communicated properly. We are calling out to all the networks and groups that have identified solutions to put them forward in this one forum so we can really accelerate change for women in business.

We also have an apolitical voice through hosting and attending regular events at the House of Commons. Any issues that can be addressed by a change from the Government will be brought in front of the leaders that can influence change.

This Network is a place where your ideas are exchanged, where people are heard and listened to, where solutions in tackling equality come from women themselves. ACN is about discussion, mentoring and building self-belief. It is about identifying issues and working together to adapt, overcome and most importantly, find the solutions for women wanting to do well.

The Network celebrates successful women in business. It challenges misconceptions and highlights a considered approach to women in the workplace, helping businesses to recognise that a culture of flexibility, diversity and support is to their advantage.