Maude Garrett Interview

Maude Garrett is a successful radio and television presenter in Australia. She began her career on the infamous children’s channel Nickelodeon and has since gone on to host three of their Kids Choice Awards and the respective ARIA Awards (Australian Record Industry Awards). Maude has recently moved to the United States to extend her name, whilst also launching her own gaming site Geekbomb. A self confessed go getter, social media addict and fashion clothes horse, there is nothing Maude cannot do.  The ACN sat down with this cheeky woman to see what really makes her tick.


1. What motivates you to succeed?

The fact that thousands of people want my job certainly is a kick up the bum! That, and I’ve been ‘in between’ jobs before. It’s always good to stay busy even if work isn’t.

2. How did you get your foot into the industry?

I did a nation-wide audition for the Australian music channel, Channel [V]. I made it into the top 3 and had enough exposure to keep going for it as much as possible.

3. What advice do you have for women hesitant about their own abilities?

OWN THEM! Whatever you think makes you different is the best thing about you! Claim your imperfections, mishaps and traits. Break the mold.

4. How do you feel women can support other women in business?

By stop seeing everyone as a threat. So often people would keep contacts to themselves, wish someone a good luck without meaning it or hope that they fail. We’re in this together – if you want help then you must be willing to give help.

5. What top tip would you give to a woman trying to drive their career forward?

Have a plan B, especially in my industry. There’s so many new faces and people get replaced at the drop of a hat – always have your own back.

6. In your field do you see a culture-change taking place in the industry?

Absolutely. I think with global communication being at our fingertips, culture is more fluid and represented than ever.

7. Is the glass ceiling getting easier or more difficult to break through?

There are still so many cases of unequal pay between males and females. I saw a coffee shop charging men more for a cup. “If you earn more, you can pay more”.

8. Do you think women celebrate their own successes enough or is there a need to highlight more in what they are achieving?

Not nearly enough! The competitive nature with women mean that even if you’re utterly successful you can’t talk about it for fear of being ‘up yourself’. Success should be celebrated!

9. As a successful business women in Australia, how do you think we can inspire and support more women in their careers?

Recognition. Using the abundance of social media to publicly congratulate someone on their achievements, widening and strengthening the positive impact.

10. What is the best thing about your job and the worst thing?

The best is getting paid to travel the globe so I can watch movies before they’re released to interview the leading actors in them. The worst is needing to comment on the personal lives of celebrities. I find it invasive.

11. Who is the most inspiring female you have met in the industry?

I’ve been saying this for years and no one has knocked her off her perch yet – Cameron Diaz. I’ve never met anyone so up for something! Nothing was a problem. No diva antics in sight! She was friendly, inspiring and had no qualms about letting me teach her how to burp (when I hosted Nickelodeon).

12. Do you think women can have it all or do you think it’s a myth?

Most of me wants to believe that women can have it all – but a demanding career and a family is super hard work. I had 2 siblings and both my parents worked full-time. Even in a solid marriage, it still impacted the amount of time they spent at home with us, and that’s detrimental growing up.

13. What is the most inspiring quote you have heard?

Do or do not, there is no try. Thanks Yoda.

14. What do you do to unwind after a long day?

I’m an avid video gamer, so I’ll play my Xbox.

15. What are your sources of inspiration?

The celebrity women I meet in the entertainment industry who have retained their sense of self and integrity, and are completely down to earth in a way that reminds you that they’re still a person.