Gemma Godfrey Interview

A startling success story, Gemma took on the male-dominated world of business and tackled the corporate suits head on. Her radiant smile, and articulate mind are recognised as a staple on CNBC and the BBC. A well informed public speaker, columnist, board member and broadcaster, Gemma is at the forefront of business leadership and a driving force behind the latest headlines. Gemma Godfrey takes time out of her busy schedule to sit with the ACN and share her views on women in business.

1.  Why is it important that woman succeed in business?

As role models & mentors to nurture the next generation of women in business and to strengthen & balance businesses.

2.  Do women bring to business something men don’t?

It’s more about providing a balance of strengths, skills & leadership / management style

3.  What motivates you to succeed?

The opportunity to achieve, add value & solve problems

4.  What advice do you have for women hesitant about their own abilities?

You need to have faith in yourself to inspire others to do the same.  Often success can come about from taking that leap of faith

5.  Do women do enough to help other women in business?

The pressure shouldn’t only be on women but people in business in general

6.  What top tip would you give to a woman trying to get ahead?

Follow your passion and where your strengths lie and success will come more naturally.

7.  Do you see a culture change taking place in the boardroom?

An increasing amount of pressure from shareholders and regulators is focused on balancing the boardroom, placing due importance on risk mitigation as well as driving profitability.

More and more this is ensuring diversity & a spread of skills to strengthen leadership at the top.

8.  Who inspires you?

My husband’s drive & astounding success at the helm of his own thriving business and my father, who set the bar high, as a business magnate with an exceptional reputation and made me feel I could achieve anything.

9.  Can you celebrate your own success?

It’s hard to stop and appreciate what you’ve achieved and instead I am always looking forward to the next challenge

10.  Is the question “Can women have it all?” an excellent question, an offensive question or just old hat?

It’s old hat for a reason: it is a still prevalent struggle. The challenge is that the word ‘all’ is constantly being redefined.

11.  What do you feel the role of government is in supporting women who want to succeed in business?

Encourage equality of opportunity, to get more women considered for top positions whilst allowing them to be won on merit.

12.  What do you feel the role of government is in supporting corporates who want to attract more women into their business?

Enable flexibility and a level of support to allow both men and women to manage childcare and return to a position of economic contribution

13. Quote that inspires you?

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars” – Les Brown