Maude Garrett is the face of fun, energy and that must-have dose of girl power. Originating from Australia and achieving her first big break amongst 2500 other hopefuls, Maude's break came when she won a stint on the hit children's channel Nickelodeon. Since her inauguration on many award winning segments within Nickelodeon (Logie Awards and Astra Awards) Maude has not stopped her plight to take over the world. With a diverse background in social media, fashion, radio and journalism Maude has made her mark in all areas.      

Her enthusiasm has resonated with many children in Australia who look up to Maude as a positive role model.

Maude has also contributed to popular young teen publications such as Dolly and Girlfriend Magazine, also lending her talents to Australia's channel 7 Sunrise programme.

Since leaving Nickelodeon Maude has moved to the United States where she continues her reporting work, whilst launching her newest venture Geekbomb, a site dedicated to the world of video gaming where she admits that her motto is ‘you can be a girl, love games and kick arse all at the same time’!. Competing on a virtual platform predominantly dominated by males just makes Maude more determined to succeed even more. Geekbomb currently has a following of almost 3,000 followers on Facebook and is growing.

To read Maude's interview with the ACN please click on the image below:

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